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Communes and Arsenic

So...We Live in a Commune

Is that title click bait-y enough?

Both of those two things have been topics in our house this week.

First, the commune. Apparently in the 80s, a group of people bought a large parcel of land and decided to turn it into a community with no real property lines. You know, communal. Like you do when you creat a commune.

Well, turns out that lovely parcel of land happens to be what we now call home. Or, at least a part of it. And when you just decide to create a self-sustained commune, it turns out the state wants no part of road maintenance. So the dirt road that we live on is completely serviced by the people who live here...and today, that lucky person was Daniel.

Daniel working on the road
At Least He Looks Good Doing Manual Labor

The ducts (Pipes? Conduits? Whatever they’re called?) that run under the road near our house had become completely blocked, which apparently leads to our property flooding during the spring during what’s called “break up” — when all the snow and ice from the winter starts to melt off.

Daniel doing road work
Making it Look Easy

The neighborhood road expert showed up at our door and handed Daniel a pick axe and told him it was up to us to clear it. Sooooo yay!

Up Next: Arsenic

Our water comes from a well on our property and distinctly smells like eggs thanks to high levels of sulfur. before we bit off on buying the filter to take the “organics” out of the water, we were advised to first have our water professionally tested by an out of state lab.

Because it might have arsenic.

No big deal.

Well get out your praise hands, because the test came back and we’re good to go. Our only problem is water that smells like fart. Soooo ...yay again?

Let’s see what Alaska has in store for us next.

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